Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to the Schedule: Tips to Keep You Sane!

Are you ready to get back into the routine with early mornings and busy weeks? Ready or not, here it comes and check out these tips to keep you sane as you get back into the school year schedule:

  1. Sneak it in: add in exercise where you can... yoga in the morning, 20 minute run in the evening, 10 minutes toning exercises before bed. If you need resources for at home workouts, check your local TV listings or check out: for a variety of DVD's and workouts, and pick-up magazines like: Shape, Fitness, or Women's Health!

  2. Hydrate: keep your energy levels up througout the day by brining a water bottle with you everytime you leave the door! Sip on water throughout the day!

  3. Stock up: create a basket or container of grab n' go snacks in your cupboard and include items like: applesauce cups, Peter Rabbit Organics - Fruit & Veggie Snacks, KIND Healthy Snack bars, mini packs of nuts, single serving peanut butter packs and 100% fruit flats. Then when you're flying out the door you can throw a few items in your bag to have on hand for yourself or the kids.

  4. Meal map: minimize your time in the kitchen by creating a weekly 'map' for your meals and snacks to streamline your food preparation efforts. Think of which nights you'll be home, running late, etc... and strategize what foods to make. A favorite tip of mine is make a double batch of a recipe and freeze half for a meal later in the week!